Whether your goal is weight-loss, strength gain, sports enhancement, or overall health — I can help.

I offer personal fitness training, active release techniques®, deep tissue massage, and nutritional guidance to help you to look and feel your best.

With my background in fitness training combined with active release techniques®, deep tissue massage, I am able to offer my clients something that most other trainers can’t.


Together, we can design your health and performance plan for maximum results and then implement that plan with personal training.  Plus, with active release techniques® and deep tissue massage, I can help you restore your muscles to their most functional and flexible state.

Olympians and professional athletes know that combining training and variable tissue techniques, is the best way to be in top physical condition.  I can help you do the same.

Most of my clients prefer a combination of personal training, active release techniques® and deep tissue massage.  However, I do offer either individually.


If you have any specific injuries or health problems, I’m here to work with you and your physician or physical therapist, to plan a safe and effective program.


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