Frank Stallone – “Entertainment/Musician”

I have had Brad work on me many times and his deep tissue work, Active Release Techniques and assessments, has relieved me of pain and stress. I would highly recommend him. Sincerely Frank Stallone

Ricky Whittle – TV “American Gods”

After pulling a muscle in my shoulder and unable to train for weeks, Brad was able to ease the pain and get me back into the gym within one session. This along with the work he has done on my hips, hamstrings and thighs, increasing my strength, flexibility and recovery rate, makes him my go to in both times of need and just general maintenance. I can’t recommend him highly enough, thank you brother.

Bruce Buffer | UFC “Voice of the Octagon”

Brad is excellent at both therapy work and as a trainer and has done wonders to keep me in shape for my busy appearance and extensive travel schedule.  Not only is he great at what he does, but the personal attention and care he displays towards his clients make the whole experience and ultimate results more rewarding.  It is rare in this world to see the detail and attention he puts forth to do the best for and by his clients.”

Mike Lieberthal

All-Star Catcher 1999, 2000
NL Comeback Player of the Year, 2002
Philadelphia Phillies / Los Angeles Dodgers

“After I blew out my knee during a game, Brad helped me with both my training and my rehab.  With his help, I was able to strengthen my knee back to full recovery.  Then, thanks to Brad’s ongoing training, I was able to earn the National League Comeback Player of the Year award.  I continued to train with Brad and improve my fitness until I retired in 2008.  He is a highly skilled trainer who knows how to get results.”

Chris Bell – Writer/Director/Producer “Bigger Stronger Faster & Prescription Thugs”

Brad is the best of the best. I directed the film Bigger Stronger Faster and I’ve been a powerlifter and training enthusiast for 25 years, so I know my way around the gym.

I’ve known Brad about 15 of those years. He’s an amazing person, down to earth and easy to talk to, so it’s easy to get to the heart of the matter. What’s broken down in my body? And how do I fix it?

Just last week my hamstrings were so tight from sitting and editing that I had my girlfriend stand on them full force and dig her heels in. Nothing. Brad came by my house and performed ART Active Release Techniques and I could feel the tightness and pain being forced out of my body with only minimal cringing. I’ve been to at least 25 different people over the years. I’m not going to lie. I use several people for treatment. I try everything and I’m more comfortable with Brad than many others.

As a Powerlifter, I’m always beat up. Many athletes are. The last thing I need is for a deep tissue expert to hurt me even more. Brad has that touch. He doesn’t hurt me like a lot of people do, yet it’s still very effective. I also learn about my body from asking questions. I know my pec is locked up because my lats are too tight. That’s important when working out so you know what to work on or what to actively stretch. My range of motion improves drastically after. I’ve also had both hips replace and deal with genetic arthritis every day. This type of therapy and body work keep me off dangerous addictive and toxic pain killers.

He’s the best kept secret on the westside. If you train hard you have to take care of your body. Seriously go see Brad!

Kamilah Barrett | Professional Dancer/ Choreographer, Creator of Heel Hop

“I have been performer and a competitor for 25 years ranging from fitness instructor, dancer, and state champion in track and field and my body has had it’s share of injury, pain, and overall change in flexibility and range of motion. I’ve torn ligaments, pulled hamstrings and hip flexors, bruised ribs, and the list goes on.

I’m very lucky to be able to perform in the same capacity as I did 20 years ago, and I owe a lot of my success to Brad. He takes care of his clients in a loving, warm-hearted way, as if he were treating himself. Whenever I had an emergency, he took me in, broke down all the elements of the injured area and how it works, and unlocked me from the shacles of all my major injuries. Through his healing hands and profound education on the body, I would limp into my appointments and magically be able to walk out. The amazing thing about his techniques is that he strengthens and heals you without supplements or prescriptions, purely organic.

I’ve seen many chiropractors, acupuncturists and doctors, but Brad will forever be my health guru! Thank you millions Brad for helping my body to stay afloat through all the storms! I admire and appreciate your passion for health.”

Sabri Sansoy – “Software Developer”

I’m a software developer and have had severe carpel tunnel. I met Brad at my gym while he was working out. I talked with him about my problem and that a colleague recommended surgery. Brad stated that I should avoid surgery as scar tissue will become an issue later, and that he’d like to try deep tissue/ART. After a few sessions my condition improved drastically resulting in no surgery. Highly recommend Brad

Lauren Pappas – “Fitness Competitor/Fit DJ”

Brad understands the needs of an athletes body. As a fitness competitor & sponsored athlete I train hard everyday. Rest & recovery is critical for optimal performance & gains. That includes getting weekly massages. Brad is in tune with my body. I always leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated & ready conquer another day of training! Brad is the absolute best! I highly recommend him!

Rich Fettke – COO“Real Wealth Network”

As an adventure athlete (skiing, surfing, rock climbing, etc) my poor body has gone through hell.  Therefore, I’ve had dozens of massage therapists work on me over the years. I can say, hands down, Brad is the most knowledgeable and brings the greatest variety of methodologies to his practice.

He’s the only LMT I’ve been able to find with a complete certification in Active Release Techniques (ART) which is a soft tissue treatment that treats problems with muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves.

Brad has been able to greatly improve my shoulder mobility along with several different “tweaks” I’ve given myself out playing. He gets me back to 100% quickly.  I wish that I could hire him full time and be his only client.

Billy Tobenkin – “Musician”

Brad has been a lifesaver! As a classical musician, I spend most of my days doing repetitive, highly refined motions. I came to Brad in search of relief from muscle tightness that was beginning to aggravate a nerve in my left arm. Thanks to his hard work, I’m pain free; he has also given me an effective game plan for keeping myself that way.

Brad is a great guy who cares about his patients. He has an encyclopedic understanding of the human physique, and he openly shares his knowledge. I always walk away from his office feeling better and also more educated in how to prevent pain in the future.