“Brad is excellent at both therapy work and as a trainer and has done wonders to keep me in shape for my busy appearance and extensive travel schedule.  Not only is he great at what he does, but the personal attention and care he displays towards his clients make the whole experience and ultimate results more rewarding.  It is rare in this world to see the detail and attention he puts forth to do the best for and by his clients.”

 Bruce Buffer

UFC “Voice of the Octagon”





Kamilah-Barrett“I have been performer and a competitor for 25 years ranging from fitness instructor, dancer, and state champion in track and field and my body has had it’s share of injury, pain, and overall change in flexibility and range of motion. I’ve torn ligaments, pulled hamstrings and hip flexors, bruised ribs, and the list goes on.


I’m very lucky to be able to perform in the same capacity as I did 20 years ago, and I owe a lot of my success to Brad. He takes care of his clients in a loving, warm-hearted way, as if he were treating himself. Whenever I had an emergency, he took me in, broke down all the elements of the injured area and how it works, and unlocked me from the shacles of all my major injuries. Through his healing hands and profound education on the body, I would limp into my appointments and magically be able to walk out. The amazing thing about his techniques is that he strengthens and heals you without supplements or prescriptions, purely organic.


I’ve seen many chiropractors, acupuncturists and doctors, but Brad will forever be my health guru! Thank you millions Brad for helping my body to stay afloat through all the storms! I admire and appreciate your passion for health.”

 Kamilah Barrett

Professional Dancer/ Choreographer, Creator of Heel Hop



Mike-Lieberthal“After I blew out my knee during a game, Brad helped me with both my training and my rehab.  With his help, I was able to strengthen my knee back to full recovery.  Then, thanks to Brad’s ongoing training, I was able to earn the National League Comeback Player of the Year award.  I continued to train with Brad and improve my fitness until I retired in 2008.  He is a highly skilled trainer who knows how to get results.”

 Mike Lieberthal

All-Star Catcher 1999, 2000
NL Comeback Player of the Year, 2002
Philadelphia Phillies / Los Angeles Dodgers





Mike-Shea-2013-USATFAs a 54 year old elite masters javelin thrower..2013 was a rewarding season..The honor of being named All American and internationally ranked would never have been attainable if not for Brad maintaining my physical well-being..Thank you my friend and here’s to a big 2014!  

Mike Shea

2013 USATF All American/International ranked.







“I have concentrated on strength, agility and balance; staying injury free. After training with Brad for one year I was able to win the Nationals. I utilize Brad’s methods in all of my training.”

 Nancy Louise Jones

Dog agility, USDAA
National Champion, 2001




“Brad has been instrumental in preparing me for riding 600 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles for two charity events. He has helped me strengthen my body and my mind for numerous bike rides throughout the world. Brad constantly challenges me by changing my workouts regularly so that I never get bored!”

 Lynn Lieberman

Merchandise Consultant



“Brad’s knowledge in nutrition really helped me understand the right amount of food to eat in order to train and stay fit. I like the fact Brad mixes up my training so that each session is different and allows me to stay interested and focused.”

 Ed Lieberman



“I’ve had the opportunity to successfully train with Brad for 7 years. Brad has trained me before, during and after two pregnancies. I continue to enjoy the challenge and commitment that I have training with Brad on a regular basis.”

 Amy Bomberg



“Brad is my all time favorite trainer.” He’s not too pushy and works according to my goals. I have learned this from him, that there is no magic formula for everyone, and it does take a lot of hard work. Of course good genes help too, but to maintain a toned physique, it takes persistence and determination.”

 Alice Bradley



Other Clients Include…

Brittney-Palmer-UFC-Octagon-Girl,-Host,-ArtistBrittney Palmer

UFC Octagon Girl, Host, Artist, Model








Peter-Criss-KISSPeter Criss
KISS, 98′ Psycho Circus Tour








Matt Franco
MLB RF, Lotte Marines
2005 World Series Champions of Japan

Kevin Howard
MLB AA, 2nd, 3rd base,
Cincinnati Reds, New York Yankees

Robin Dimaggio
Drummer for Phil Collins, Paul McCartney, David Bowie, Paul Simon, and Boz Scaggs

Adrian Paul
Highlander: Endgame, Movie

Steve Hytner
“Working”, TV

Mykelti Williamson
“The Fugitive”, TV

Sondra Williamson
Species II, Movie

Casper Van Dien

TV/Movie, & Music

Alex Barnow
Writer/Producer – Family Guy, Til Death, etc.

Kat Foster
“Til Death”, TV

Sean Graham
Stunt double for
Mark Wahlberg, Tobey Maguire

Chris Bell
“Bigger Stronger Faster”